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Hayle (Beach) Wind Forecast

Hayle (Beach) 5 Day Weather Forecast

Time Direction Wind / Gust (mph) Temperature Feels Like UV Index Visibility Chance Of Rain Weather
Thu 13 Aug 16:00
7 / 9
23°c 23°c 4 Moderate 4% Partly cloudy (day)
Thu 13 Aug 19:00
7 / 11
19°c 20°c 1 Moderate 4% Cloudy
Thu 13 Aug 22:00
4 / 9
18°c 19°c 0 Moderate 8% Cloudy
Fri 14 Aug 01:00
4 / 4
17°c 18°c 0 Moderate 7% Cloudy
Fri 14 Aug 04:00
4 / 7
17°c 18°c 0 Moderate 8% Cloudy
Fri 14 Aug 07:00
4 / 9
17°c 17°c 1 Moderate 18% Overcast
Fri 14 Aug 10:00
7 / 9
18°c 19°c 2 Moderate 10% Overcast
Fri 14 Aug 13:00
9 / 11
19°c 19°c 4 Good 8% Cloudy
Fri 14 Aug 16:00
11 / 16
19°c 18°c 3 Good 7% Cloudy
Fri 14 Aug 19:00
9 / 16
18°c 17°c 1 Good 10% Overcast
Fri 14 Aug 22:00
7 / 11
17°c 17°c 0 Good 7% Cloudy
Sat 15 Aug 01:00
4 / 11
17°c 17°c 0 Good 8% Cloudy
Sat 15 Aug 04:00
4 / 11
15°c 15°c 0 Good 4% Cloudy
Sat 15 Aug 07:00
4 / 9
15°c 15°c 1 Good 4% Cloudy
Sat 15 Aug 10:00
4 / 9
19°c 19°c 3 Very good 1% Partly cloudy (day)
Sat 15 Aug 13:00
7 / 11
20°c 20°c 6 Very good 2% Partly cloudy (day)
Sat 15 Aug 16:00
7 / 11
20°c 19°c 4 Very good 3% Partly cloudy (day)
Sat 15 Aug 19:00
7 / 9
18°c 18°c 1 Very good 7% Cloudy
Sat 15 Aug 22:00
4 / 7
17°c 17°c 0 Good 6% Cloudy
Sun 16 Aug 01:00
4 / 7
16°c 16°c 0 Good 4% Partly cloudy (night)
Sun 16 Aug 04:00
4 / 7
16°c 16°c 0 Good 37% Light rain shower (night)
Sun 16 Aug 07:00
4 / 7
16°c 17°c 1 Good 13% Cloudy
Sun 16 Aug 10:00
7 / 9
17°c 17°c 2 Good 47% Light rain shower (day)
Sun 16 Aug 13:00
7 / 11
18°c 18°c 5 Good 55% Heavy rain shower (day)
Sun 16 Aug 16:00
7 / 13
18°c 17°c 2 Good 70% Heavy rain shower (day)
Sun 16 Aug 19:00
7 / 11
17°c 17°c 1 Good 51% Heavy rain shower (day)
Sun 16 Aug 22:00
7 / 9
17°c 16°c 0 Good 21% Cloudy
Mon 17 Aug 01:00
7 / 9
16°c 16°c 0 Good 9% Cloudy
Mon 17 Aug 04:00
7 / 11
16°c 16°c 0 Good 8% Cloudy
Mon 17 Aug 07:00
9 / 11
16°c 16°c 1 Good 8% Cloudy
Mon 17 Aug 10:00
9 / 16
18°c 17°c 3 Good 31% Light rain shower (day)
Mon 17 Aug 13:00
9 / 18
19°c 18°c 5 Very good 11% Partly cloudy (day)
Mon 17 Aug 16:00
11 / 20
19°c 17°c 3 Good 29% Light rain shower (day)
Mon 17 Aug 19:00
9 / 16
18°c 17°c 1 Good 5% Partly cloudy (day)
Mon 17 Aug 22:00
9 / 11
17°c 16°c 0 Good 5% Cloudy

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About The Bluff

The Bluff is one of the most talked about kiting spots in the UK, its had some major issues due to access over the last few year and due ot these access issues still has some major restriction applied to it.

The Bluff is located at the mouth of the River Hayle, its best riden on and outgoing tides a few hours before low tide.  this spots offers soo much in the way of ridable conditions, from nice flat waters to rolling waves! if your looking for bigger waves head slightly north to Gwithian which is the same strectch of beach.  

Due to the restriction at this location, there are a few links to the KKC (Kernow Kitesurf Club) The ban on kitesurfing at Hayle (aka “the Bluff”) has been lifted. There are restrictions with a permit system  Please see the “Bluff Code of Conduct“. (

April 20th 2012

Bluff passes now on sale at Lodeys and Down The Line, WestCountry Watersports will have them by Monday 23rd Royal Mail willing. KKC members £5, BKSA only members £10, other insurance £20. That includes your free parking permit for Harvey Towans and a limited edition KKC zip-tie. Please spread the word, and consider the purple 2011 passes expired.

Autumn 2011 Update (Great News)

“More Good News for the Bluff – Kiting Time Restrictions Lifted and Free Car Parking Passes Available

The 6 month trial removing time restrictions for kiting at The Bluff has now been completed. No incidents were reported in that period and the restrictions have been formally lifted by the harbourmaster. This is superb news allowing us to take full advantage of the full range of conditions, so long as we stick to the agreed Code of Conduct.

The harbourmaster has also decided to give free car parking, to those in possession of a Bluff Tag, at Harvey Towans ( the rough car park on top of the slope above the river mouth – see attached map- it is not for parking at The Bluff Pub). If you want to take advantage of this you will need to display a Hayle Harbour Parking Permit. Next year we will distribute these when you buy your tag, however this year you can get one on request in the following ways:

  • From Loz Smith (Ocean High Kiteboarding), Ryan Crawford (Lodey Sails) or Steve Townsend in person. Flash them your Bluff tag and they should be able to sort you out with a parking permit
  • Send an SAE to Steve Townsend, Little Acre, Horsedowns, Camborne, TR14 0NP, with a note saying where and roughly when you bought your tag.

Free Car Parking Zone

Key Elements of the Hayle Kitesurf Agreement

  • Bluff permit tagAny person kitesurfing within the jurisdiction of the Hayle Harbour Authority must wear a valid Bluff permit tag on their harness.
    • Wearing a tag is important as it signifies the kiter has a valid third party liability insurance of 5 million pounds, that the kiter has agreed to abide by the Code of Conduct, and by purchasing it has made a small contribution to the annual Water Users Licence for which Kernow Kitesurfing Club has to pay the Hayle Harbour Authority.
  • All kite surfers MUST keep at least 100m away from AND turn away from all vessels using the channel. This remains the key guideline for the 2011 trial.
  • No kitesurfing at any time south of Chapel Anjou where there is a large 5 knot speed restriction sign.
  • All kitesurfers must be at intermediate level or above; no learning or teaching.

The permits will cost £5 for members of the KKC, £10 for non-members, and run from 1st April each year. Non-BKSA members may purchase a tag for £20 provided they have valid liability insurance of 5 million pounds. These are available from:


Take the turning on the A30 for Hayle and drive towards the centre of town. Approx. 350 meters on your right you will see a turning sign posted towards Phillack and the Towans. Take this road up the hill and continue driving leaving the Caravan Park on your right and it leads you down to the Bluff Pub on your right. Please Park sensibly and pay as per the car park signs. The Pub serves a good pint and some excellent food.


It is worth having a chat to the lifeguards (here in summer only) on the way down to the beach or certainly with any other sailors. On an ebbing tide there is a severe rip which only slows as low tide approaches – your board is off out to sea very fast if you lose it in the channel. Watch out as high tide arrives as the beach at the bottom of the access path disappears.

Wind Directions

NE, N, NW and W (Westerly can be gusty for kitesurfing and so better to move up to Gwithian)


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