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Suggested Kitesurfing spot Burnham On Sea

NW 315°

Flatholm Island, County of Cardiff Weather Station - 10.24 miles away | Updated 10 minutes ago

Burnham-On-Sea - Jetty (Beach) Wind Forecast

Burnham On Sea Tide Table

High Tide is in about 1 hour time
Today's Tide
01:100.53Low Tide
06:4610.59High Tide
13:190.74Low Tide
18:5910.78High Tide
Tommorow's Tide
01:430.3Low Tide
07:1810.86High Tide
13:510.51Low Tide
19:3010.96High Tide

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Anyway about the event who is camping who is sleeping in a van? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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How many do you need?

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2 Years old good condition I have replaced the loop you can put your thumb in to help do the harness up with some strong nylon. Stronger than ever...

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I must resist I must resist :)

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Live Kitesurfing Reports

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