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NW 326°

Wick St Lawrence Weather Station - 10.6 miles away | Updated 17 seconds ago

Burnham-On-Sea - Jetty (Beach) Wind Forecast

Burnham On Sea Tide Table

Low Tide was about 1 hour ago
Today's Tide
06:432.05Low Tide
12:368.49High Tide
18:532.68Low Tide
03:280Low Tide
Tommorow's Tide
00:568.61High Tide
07:432.37Low Tide
13:378.24High Tide
19:582.89Low Tide
03:280Low Tide

Latest Activity from the Kitesurfing Forum

24 hours ago

andy_d | Self rescue

Good work and nice post. Have you built a bivvy out of your kite and been living off the shellfish at Toms since? Someone will rescue you one day...

3 days ago

Grazza | Tybc

---Quote (Originally by peterg)--- Yep u now have to fully clear your cache and refresh your browser then it works it annoying ---End Quote---...

3 days ago

Luke_Fire | Saturday

Who's out tomorrow and where? The wind and water aren't working together, I'm thinking a long walk out at east beach before high tide

4 days ago

ANDY HOLLIS | Toms Friday morning

Going to toms about 10am for a nice light wind session if anyone fancies it!

4 days ago

SuperSmartHat | Beginner looking for a kite

Thanks for the images, the offer looks interesting. I will continue my search but if i don't find anything ill let you know if i want to buy this one...

4 days ago

vrodpete | Whitstable Tips...

---Quote (Originally by Rdufty)--- thanks guys. And cheers for the write up. That's perfect! Been a while since I've bee down there! :D ---End...

6 days ago

Zozo1 | Lost white Sony POV camera

Hi, Pls let me know if you find a white Sony action cam around Toms or East beach (Southend). Its with waterproof case. Lost on 16th of May. ...

7 days ago

geoffmonty | Toms tomorrow, Tuesday.

Hope to catch the sun, later looks a bit rainy. But i might spoil myself and have 2 sessions in 1 day. Might do the arfternoon too. 😃

1 week ago

Grazza | Monday

Ye. Much earlier tho

1 week ago

Dalzer | 2012 13m North Rebel

That's great

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