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Suggested Kitesurfing spot Burnham On Sea

S 157.5°

Flatholm Island, County of Cardiff Weather Station - 10.24 miles away | Updated 46 minutes ago

Burnham-On-Sea - Jetty (Beach) Wind Forecast

Burnham On Sea Tide Table

High Tide was 14 minutes ago
Today's Tide
05:081.46Low Tide
10:399.93High Tide
17:311.6Low Tide
23:079.56High Tide
Tommorow's Tide
05:582.01Low Tide
11:379.41High Tide
18:292.03Low Tide

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15 hours ago

vrodpete | Toms Friday morning

---Quote (Originally by Dunk)--- Lol, my mistake, there's a dude who looked the spit of u even down to the same 12m epic screamer sitting on the...

17 hours ago

carl bushfire | What life jacket/vest with a drysuit?

Thanks so you would suggest the impact vest over the fleece innersuit under the drysuit - sweet as that will save some money :0)

20 hours ago

Terry Ibrahim | hydrofoil photos

it is deferent feeling when you actually ride, picture makes me look like i can, not yet, i do need few more sessions.

1 day ago

Steve | someone

its well cool!!!

2 days ago

mkiter | Selling my 2007 Best Waroo 9M with Bar

Selling my 2007 Best Waroo 9M with Bar. More details here: If you have any questions contact me via PM or...

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Live Kitesurfing Reports

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